Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doris and Richard Sugarman Honored by Hartford Magazine

Doris and Richard Sugarman in May 2009 , Photo by Wayne Dombkowski

Our own CT Forum Executive Director Doris Sugarman and Founder Richard Sugarman have been named by Hartford Magazine as two of Greater Hartford's 50 Most Influential People of 2009. This directory of "who's who" in Greater Hartford identifies people who have "helped shape the look, feel, culture and vibrancy of our area in a positive way."

The Sugarmans started The CT Forum in 1992 with the mission:
To encourage the free and active exchange of ideas in Forums that inform, challenge, entertain, inspire and build bridges among all people and organizations in our community.
For 18 years, they've been doing just that - whether it's at large, public Forums at The Bushnell theatre featuring experts and celebrities, or in schools and community organizations throughout Greater Hartford, or as active Board members for various area non-profits.

Without a doubt, the influence of this dynamic duo - if measured by their ability to be a catalyst for individual and community change, or to inspire and motivate others to act in positive ways - knows no bounds.

It ripples, starting in Hartford and extending far beyond, turning conversations into collaborations, ideas into actions, and individuals into communities.

We're all better for it, and the rest of here at The Forum couldn't be more proud.

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Joanna said...

SO proud of Richard and Doris for being honored! You both deserve it, for sure. Keep up the amazing work :-)