Friday, March 4, 2011

The Glorious, Mysterious Brain - Another Mind-Blowing Night!

Panelist Steven Pinker tries to keep his glorious, mysterious brain in check

What a night! From press conference questions about the causes of (and solutions to) pesky "brain freeze" to weighty explorations of the brain's connection to the soul, last week's The Glorious, Mysterious Brain Forum was everything we hoped it would be and more! A sincere thanks to all of our panelists, sponsors, volunteers, board members and Forum attendees for making this night, and discussion, one to remember (it certainly helps to know that physical exercise, not Sudoku and crossword puzzles, will aid in the memory department).

Here are a few of our favorite clips and pictures from the night:

Paul Bloom - The differences between liberal and conservative brains

Temple Grandin gives fashion tips

Steven Pinker talks about brain overload

Panelists Steven Pinker, Temple Grandin and Paul Bloom
discuss The Glorious, Mysterious Brain

Moderator Mary Hynes

Members of The CT YOUTH Forum pose with panelists at
the pre-Forum press conference

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