Saturday, September 27, 2008


By Katlyn Knox, Executive Associate of The Connecticut Forum

Intermission is a VERY busy time backstage...check it out!

Forum volunteers sort thru your many questions

Moderator Michel Martin prepping on the stairs for the second half

YOUTH Forum member Ornella Thompson looks on
as she prepares to welcome the crowd to the second half

Elizabeth Edwards enjoying Ornella's speech


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Edwards is such a wonderful person. As I returned backed stage everyone was saying how I did well, but Mrs. Edwards gave me a little hug and it was comforting. To me that shows that she has such a great heart and cares about the youth.

Anonymous said...

After the event I stuck around backstage a little while, Michel Martin gave me some great tips on how I can become better at public speaking. This was an exciting Forum for me.