Sunday, September 28, 2008

Panelists Reflect Back Stage

By Katlyn Knox, Executive Associate at The Connecticut Forum

After The Presidency ended on stage, things got
very busy back stage!

Check out these post-Forum reactions from some of our panelists!

Elizabeth Edwards describes her experience at The Connecticut Forum:

Matthew Dowd:

Stay tuned! More to come!


Joe C said...

As a subscriber for over 10years, I was very disappointed that in a discussion about the presidency there was no balance with the pannel and the moderator. It was only the pro democratic anti Bush side that was presented in the members of the panel, the moderator and the audience questions asked. The forum always tried to present a balanced approach to these controversial issues. I hope this was a one time error in planning and that in the future there will be more balance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us this great behind the scenes look at The Forum. Such a timely Forum, a great panel....everyone contributed to the conversation. AND there was lots of laughter. Congratulations.

Pat said...

Sorry Joe...

I thought the panel reflected exactly what the nation is feeling right now. You'd be hard pressed to find someone qualified, interesting and thoughtful enough to be on a CT Forum panel AND still support Bush. You might note that Mathew Dowd DID work for 7 years supporting BUSH and finally came to his senses. 80% of the American public do not approve of Bush and the other 20% should probably keep quiet about it anyway.