Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fall of a Baseball Giant

By Jamie Daniel, Advancement Associate and baseball aficionado.
(Pitchers and catchers report on Thursday!)

Maybe there should be bigger things on our mind than which baseball player is juicing (like, I don't know, that stimulus plan) but the latest steroid scandal involving the Yankees favorite love-to-hate-him player Alex Rodriguez has been on my mind this week. First his own former manager bashes him publicly (A-Fraud?) and now this?

Rodriguez's former teammate Doug Glanville wants me to feel bad for A-Rod, but I'm not sure I can. Sure, the tests were supposed to be confidential, but it's hard to muster the outrage when the "confidential news" being disclosed has to do with the lies of another overpaid and out-of-touch demi-god we were supposed to be able to trust. I don't feel bad for A-Rod, I feel bad for those who trusted and revered him.

It's Bernie Madoff in pinstripes.

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