Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Up in Smoke...

By Pat Rossiter, YOUTH Forum Program Manager & Olympic Hopeful

So the Golden Boy (literally) of the last year’s Olympics, Michael Phelps, has shown just how human this superman is.

Caught in the act, last week a British tabloid posted pictures of Phelps in full embrace with a “bong,” I believe the kids are calling it these days.

So what happens when the poster boy for all that is great in the USA gets caught in the act of smoking a bowl?

Well, there is the requisite regret and condemnation. I can only imagine there were even some righteous 10-year-old swimmers burning their Michael Phelps Licensed Speedos while crying bitter tears of rejection. (Don’t sniff the smoke kiddies!)

Maybe I’m getting old in my soft-age, but I’m left with this sinking feeling that, maybe the problem isn’t that Mr. Phelps smoked some weed but rather that anybody should get upset about it.

I certainly know it is illegal but, why (some would argue racism), and more importantly what are the real results of that?

Check out John V. Santore’s post on Huffington.

It's clear there are some issues associated with marijuana, I am not at all sure putting minority kids in jail OR ruining the careers of white kids is going to solve any of the problems.

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Anonymous said...

Geraldo Rivera recently discussed this very issue on his show and I would have to agree with some of his guests that while Phelps did break the law, he didn't do anything that could endanger anyone but himself. Whats worse him smoking pot or his DUI from a few years back? Driving under the influence had the potential to seriously injure himself or someone else. Smoking pot at a party never caused serious injury. The whole nation needs to take a page from Massachusetts and realize pot is not the harmful drug that it is made out to be.