Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Final Frontier

If you go outside right now and listen carefully, you will hear giddy giggling. That, my dear friends, is the sound of millions of geeks like me. Yes, Star Trek is coming.

As far as I am concerned there are really only two kinds of people in the world, Trekkers (Those who are fans of Star Trek) and those that are fans of that other outrageously successful space wars opera.

The question is articulated in a number of ways:

Enterprise v. Millennium Falcon (Uhhh, warp speed is multiples of "hyperspeed." Photon Torpedoes and phasers...there is no contest.)

Captain Kirk v. Luke Skywalker (Really? The double ax handle and overwhelming sexual many times did Captain Kirk have his hand cut off?)

Gene Roddenberry v. George Lucas (Progressive and forward thinking, the first on-screen kiss of a white man and black woman!)

There is no contest.

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