Monday, January 25, 2010

Changes to CTForum YouTube page

You may have noticed that our CT Forum YouTube Channel has a new look. We wanted to take a moment to answer any questions about these changes and give you more details about our new video website, TheForumChannel.

TheForumChannel is the new website that is the exclusive place to watch full Forum conversations from the past 18 years. TheForumChannel also has easy-to-use search capabilities for browsing hundreds of clips and for searching through dozens of past panelists.

We created TheForumChannel in response to the popularity of Forum clips on YouTube. Our three million YouTube viewers were often asking where they could find more clips and where they could view full Forums - TheForumChannel offers all of that!

And despite the new look, our YouTube Channel still features the same great content it always has. We will continue to post timely clips (like when our past panelists make news, or a clip from a past Forum addresses a timely topic, etc.), as well as clips from our most recent Forums on our YouTube page. As always, our YouTube channel will be a place where you can find clips from our most recent Forum, and we will continue to use YouTube to keep the conversation going in the days following a Forum event.

TheForumChannel, moreover, is now a place to house selected full Forums and clips from our 18 years of conversations. It's an archive of the most interesting and entertaining Forums, and we will continue to add to it often. We hope that you enjoy reliving these past Forums and that you will subscribe to the site and offer your feedback.

So just remember:
YouTube = Recent and timely clips
TheForumChannel = An archive of selected full Forums, as well as hundreds of additional clips

Like what you see? Join on Twitter @TheForumChannel. We’d love to hear what you think!

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