Monday, February 22, 2010

Hartford's Young Emerging Leaders Meet at The CT Forum

Photos by Nick Caito

Last week we invited a group of young emerging leaders from the Greater Hartford community to come to our office and share their ideas for our upcoming 2010-2011 season. We wanted to know what the under 40 crowd thinks, worries and cares about and what this group in particular would like to see discussed - live and unscripted - at The Forum next season.

It felt enlivening to be among a group of my peers who were passionate and knowledgeable about so many topics. We discussed issues in higher education and the impact of technology on the way we communicate. We talked about how the world has changed for us - our career paths, the expectations put on us by ourselves and by society is so much different than our parents before us. There were ideas for Forums about self-image, partisanship in our political system and the distinction between rights and responsibilities in healthcare, education, personal well-being, etc.

It was, I hope, only the first part of a discussion that we will continue with this group.

If you have ideas about our upcoming season, or if you are interested in being involved in future discussions like this one, please email us at

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