Monday, February 22, 2010

Resuscitating Healthcare Reform

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich is talking about it.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid is talking about it.

The NY Times is talking about it.

but...what is it?

"Reconciliation" is on the lips of many Washington insiders, and now even a few outsiders, as a means of passing some form of healthcare reform. It sounds sort of benign and maybe even positive and uplifting. What it amounts to though is a procedural ramrod that severely restricts debate on a budget bill and allows it to be passed with a simple majority.

After reading the above articles I was left wondering just how this rather obscure rule worked and how it might affect healthcare reform for us all.

Fortunately, Keith Hennessey, a real D.C. insider addressed Reconciliation in his blog. Check out this concise description.

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