Friday, March 5, 2010

A World of Change with Bob Woodward and Tina Brown at The CT Forum

Wow, what an evening!

Our Forum last night entitled "A World of Change" featured a conversation between legendary journalist Bob Woodward and renowned author and editor Tina Brown, moderated by Connie Schultz.

Check out these behind the scenes photos!

All photos by Nick Caito, Nick Caito Photo

The evening began with the panelist meeting. Here, our panelists meet for the first time, sign autographs, and gear up for the evening ahead. (Please note the Ohio State hat strategically placed by our Founding President, Richard Sugarman)

Then it's off to the YOUTH Forum Press Conference, where high school students from all over Greater Hartford (and beyond!) have the opportunity to ask our panelists anything that is on their minds in an intimate setting. This is often my favorite portion of the evening, and I can truly say that this may be the best press conference to date. Topics ranged from religion to human rights in foreign nations, and so much more. Bob shared insider information on the new book he is writing about the Obama Administration, and Connie shared touching, heartfelt memories of her childhood.

Bob Woodward sharing a story at the YOUTH Forum press conference.

The theater was buzzing with anticipation and excitement for the Forum to begin, and many audience members took the opportunity to vote on the topics for our next season of Forums!

The full panel onstage.

During intermission, Founding President Richard Sugarman carefully looks over the many great questions from our audience in preparation for the second half...

...and there were many to look over!

This was one of the Forums that truly speaks to our mission: to encourage the free and active exchange of ideas in Forums that inform, challenge, entertain, inspire and build bridges among all people and organizations in our community.

It was a night full of answers, insights and inspiration-something I think that everyone is looking for in these ever changing times. Meeting Bob Woodward, someone that has been a hero of mine for so long, is something that I will cherish forever. Listening to Tina Brown, I felt empowered, and for the first time in a while, optimistic about what the future holds for me, and the world. "Trying times often provide the opportunity for great ideas to flourish" she said at one point in the evening. Working with Connie Schultz again was like seeing an old friend. I truly admire the voice she has given to "the underdog," and her ability to tackle tough subjects with compassion, balance, and just the right amount of humor and levity.

I hope this Forum provided some of the answers you were looking for. I hope it got you thinking, wondering, questioning, and looking at the changing world around you in a different way.

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