Friday, March 6, 2009

Gay Florists Unite!

By Patrick Rossiter, CT YOUTH Forum Program Manager

So, far be it for me to be biased...

but, Connecticut's Catholic Church is up to some high jinx that are pretty distasteful. By lobbying the State's legislature for exemptions for certain businesses from serving gay and lesbian couples who are going to marry is supporting the codification of discrimination.

Turn about is fair play right?

How about a law protecting merchants who refuse to serve Catholics? Would that mean that service could be denied to Jews? To Blacks?

If I were the Catholic Church, I might be a little more careful about whom I pissed off. Do we think there are more gay florists or right-wing Catholic florists? For that matter, how about cake decorators, wedding dress shop owners, caterers, and the rest of the wedding industry?

At this rate a Catholic wedding in CT will have a wedding party dressed in sack cloth, a Walmart bakery cake and big bouquets of poison ivy.

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