Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Recession? Phish tickets selling fast despite tough economic times.

You wouldn't even know the economy was tanking, judging from the sales for the Phish reunion shows. After announcing in 2004 that they were done "for good," Phish is back for shows this weekend and an already sold out summer tour. Although the tickets started at 49.95, they are currently being resold for upwards of $1,000.

Despite the exorbitant amount being spent on tickets, front-man Trey Anastasio cited the tough economic times as one motivation for getting the band back together. In a recent New York Times article he said, "“For people in hard times, we can play long shows of pure physical pleasure. They come to dance and forget their troubles. It’s like a service commitment.”

Watch Trey here, minus the cost of a ticket, as he jams with Bob Weir and Nicholas Payton at The Power of Music Forum back in 2001.

Trey and Nicholas later went on to collaborate, playing on each others' albums.

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