Monday, March 9, 2009

Need a Blankie?

By Pat Rossiter, YOUTH Forum Program Manager

The news just seems to get worse and worse:

The list of really bad hyphenated words just gets longer every day. In these times of stress and trouble we often grasp at anything that might give us hope and while the notion has been danced around in recent weeks, I'm just waiting to hear the old adage, in Chinese 'crisis' is the same word as 'opportunity.'

Now I have never been known for my sunny optimism. In fact, while I would characterize myself as pragmatic, others might call me a pessimist. That being said, I take only slight delight in providing this brief lesson in Chinese. It seems not even the Chinese language can offer a warm, cuddly, blankie to clutch.

Maybe instead, I can offer some comfort of a more substantive sort. Take a few minutes with one of the most insightful human beings to ever walk the earth. Here, Forum panelist Bill Moyers talks with Joseph Campbell. Take a deep breath, relax and clutch on to THIS blankie.

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