Friday, January 30, 2009

Behind the Scenes: GOD

Why God?

Last night our diverse panel of experts lead us on a provocative and enlightening journey exploring the role of God in people’s lives and the common language we have used across all cultures and time to make sense of the mysteries of life.

Let's take a look behind the scenes!

The evening began with the panelist meeting. Here, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Rev. Peter Gomes, and Christopher Hitchens along with Moderator Connie Schultz had the opportunity to meet and greet each other before the Forum got underway.

Next it's off to the YOUTH Forum press conference. Here, YOUTH Forum Members, who are high school students from around the state, have an intimate opportunity to ask the panel anything that is on their minds.

Once the Forum was underway, the stage was electrified with a spirited, enlightening, and eye-opening conversation about God and religion. Stay tuned to our YouTube Page for clips of the Forum!

Ever wonder what's happening back stage at intermission?

A group of Forum Subscribers, Friends of the Forum, and Sponsors gather backstage to sort through your great questions, in preparation for the second half.

The panelists grab a quick snack in the green room.

After the program ended, we had the opportunity to ask Christopher Hitchens just one more question backstage...

(Click Here to see a video of Christopher's water board experience)

Want more insight on what happened back stage? Check out Forum Valet Peterson Toscano's Blog!

It's your turn! Share your reactions to God, leave us a comment!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone who saw the Forum last Thursday that didn't leave thinking they had been left with much food for thought. Doesn't anyone feel the need to put Ann Coulter and Chris Hitchens in a locked room and let them do battle to the end? I never thought theologians could ever be that humorous which apparently Rev Gomes must be every day. The entertainment value brought by Chris Hitchens was unfortunately overshadowed by the fact that he means for us to know for all time he wants us to remember him as a pompous a------. many of his points are well taken, but he crossed the line on purpose to show how outrageous he can be. i'm sure he always has to be right and he would turn a convo about a new born baby or the Steelers winning the Super Bowl into a tense argumentative battle. Hitchens, feels the challenge of putting his comments farther and farther out there to see if he can successfully defend his points and win against his foes. the rabbi and the reverend seem more content and balanced knowing who they are and what they believe. if hitchens wasn't a lunatic drunk on stage for the world to see i'd frankly be surprised.