Monday, January 26, 2009

The End of Student Loans?

Is it possible to create a global, tuition-free Internet university?

One man seems to think so.

Shai Reshef, an Israeli entrepeneur and founder of several Internet-based educational businesses, plans to bring college degrees to people all over the world through a non-profit, online educational venture he calls the University of the People.

“The open-source courseware is there, from universities that have put their courses online, available to the public, free,” Mr. Reshef said. “We know that online peer-to-peer teaching works. Putting it all together, we can make a free university for students all over the world, anyone who speaks English and has an Internet connection.”

A free education for people across the globe? Leverage the power of social networking and online course content? A University of the People?

More power to you, Mr. Reshef. Read the full article here.

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