Monday, April 6, 2009

U-C-O-N-N - UConn, UConn, UConn!

By Jamie Daniel, Advancement Associate & UConn basketball fan

UConn basketball pretty much is Connecticut sports, so the loss of the men's team on Saturday was a blow to many of the state's sports fans. I was disappointed, but it was a great game of basketball and a tournament run that lasted longer than many thought it would.

And, if we're being honest here, I just never felt all that connected to this UConn team.

There, I said it - and it's a huge weight off my shoulders.

I am a lifelong Huskies fan: I celebrated with my father after the Tate George buzzer-beater against Clemson, I idolized Rebecca Lobo and Nykesha Sales, the season schedule for both teams hangs on my fridge every year and somewhere, deep in my parent's basement, is the scrapbook that I made the year I was 12 containing every single article written about the legendary women's team that went 35-0. But this UConn team, led by this Jim Calhoun - the angriest, scariest version of him yet - just didn't have it. They might have had the skills, but, especially after the loss of Jerome Dyson, they just didn't have the heart. Call me naive, but skills alone can only bring you so far.

I'm not sure Calhoun will retire, but I think it's time. UConn needs someone who can revitalize the program and reciprocate some of that love that Connecticut has to give to its beloved Huskies.

In the meantime, I'm excited to watch that other UConn basketball team show us all how it's done on Tuesday with the joy, class and heart that we expect from UConn college basketball.

(For a dose of nostalgia watch "The Shot" with George here, about 2 minutes in.)


Anonymous said...

I think Calhoun has done and is still doing a fine job. Look at how many former players sing his praises. But I must say the thing that got me most was in that video. The video towards the end showed the UCONN bench when George hit "The Shot" and Calhoun is jumping up and down all excited. If he would ever show that type of enthusiasm and excitement now I think many people that have soured on Calhoun would give him another chance.

Nancy said...

I've always been a follower of the women's team more than the men's team because to me the women play with more heart.
I loved the Huskies of old - Kahlil, Voskuhl, - most of the players these days only view college as a 1 or 2 year stepping stone to the pros. I have no affection for anyone on this team and haven't for a few years.
As for Calhoun retiring, he's obviously tired of the bullshit and tired in general. I think when that happens, it is time to step away.