Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Will Anthony Bourdain Say Next?

Back in January, we posted Anthony Bourdain's well publicized complaints about fellow Food for Thought panelist Alice Waters.

It sounds like Bourdain is recanting some of his previous statements in anticipation of their meeting at The Forum next month. In a recent Facebook entry he writes:

Same thing happened this past week. I'm happily playing tea party with my daughter, contemplating future good works, thinking about sending a fruit basket to my producers (who I'd abused so badly after the blowhole incident), generally in the kind of mood that makes me want cuddle stray dogs, adopt a kitten, sing Cumbaya with the homeless crackhead who hangs outside my neighborhood supermarket - when the text of Alice Waters' open letter to the President hit my Inbox.

The new guy in the White House has a lot on his plate - as a recent trip through America's Rust Belt had just brought rather poignantly home. So I found the allegedly chronic non-voter Waters' offer to head up a "kitchen cabinet" - an advisory board guiding the new administration to a new, organic, locavorean foodie Valhalla - well ...presumptuous. Particularly in light of the Normandy invasion of chefs, logistics and ingredients for the series of benefit meals which followed. I had a hard time visualizing all these guys foraging for vegetables in D.C. in January. The combined carbon imprints of these talented interlopers - alone ... seemed at odds with the high minded sentiments in the letter. thing you know, my comments are all over the blogosphere, attacking the Mother Theresa of the food world, viciously sinking my snaggled teeth into the shanks of St. Alice of Berkeley - possibly the most beloved and revered figure in the world of food.

This is made only more awkward by the fact that we'll soon be appearing together in a panel discussion in Connecticut. I cringe, imagining myself in the green room, sheepishly extending a hand over the tuna wraps, Fiji water and complimentary spanokopita, mumbling something like, "Wow, sorry I compared you to Pol Pot. Perhaps that was a bit ...excessive." Next, I'll be accusing Tom Hanks of cannibalism.

We're waiting to see what Bourdain will say next... Tom Hanks, a cannibal? We'll find out, on May 14.


Marie Louise said...

Well take note ladies, he'll be looking for Tuna wraps in the "green room". Great post!

Jamie said...

We've been taking notes on what Anthony does and doesn't like ... we're thinking of just serving him meat on a stick!