Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Move over Britney, we want Dick!

The new darling of the talk show circuit? It's not Zac or Britney. It's neither Paris nor Perez. It is Dick Cheney. Now some of you might not remember him. He was the Vice-President. It may be tough to recall since, on September 11, 2001, he went to a secret, undisclosed location and didn't return until January 20, 2009. (Except that one time he shot his friend)

Well, he is undisclosed no more! He has been on Fox with Sean Hannity, CNN with John King and on Politico.com.

What's he saying? Fashion tips? Whipping up a quick meal for the ex-VP-on-the-go? Building houses? Curing AIDS? Encouraging the spaying and neutering of pets? NOPE.

He's bitching about the current administration.

Well, Mr. Cheney, I know I'm not the only one who would like you to, well, shut up. From the NY Times. From CNN. It seems to me that you had 8 years to solve the world's problems and you didn't. In fact, they seem to be a whole lot worse now then they were in 2000.

Am I being political? Hardly. There is a very small club of men on this planet who understand the challenges faced by a sitting president. Dick is in that club and has a responsibility to either be supportive or silent for the good of our nation. There are plenty of dissenters, pundits and looneys who can deride a president and an administration with out the second highest office in the nation being sullied. It may not be in character Mr. Cheney, but please, show a little dignity for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

Al Gore was as vocal as Chaney during the years after Al's being VP. Can you publish the URL of your post where you criticized him? Or are you just criticizing those on the other end of the political spectrum than you?